Funding mobility

The Maison de la Chimie International Foundation and the Doctoral Schools of Chemistry Network offer 10 grants of EUR 1,500 to allow PhD candidates to travel abroad to present their works within the context of high-level conferences, seminar invitations or work placements in recognised institutions.

  • Requests must include a summary of a maximum of two pages outlining the works presented and acceptance from the scientific institution where they will be presented.
  • In a letter, candidates will set out a description of the journey and the challenges it represents for the PhD candidate, accompanied by a CV in which they will briefly describe their thesis subject and how it falls within the projects of the team and laboratory in which they work. The team’s last AERES (French evaluation agency for research and higher education) classification will also be specified.

Applications are to be sent to the administration of the candidate’s doctoral school that is a network member, for consideration and forwarding.

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