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Chemistry and the Brain symposium

On 06/11/2014 in The Maison de la Chimie Foundation symposia
Major advances are made everyday in the broad field of cognitive neurosciences and involve several hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide.

One of the most publicized actions, and also one of the biggest hopes, is a better understanding of how the brain works, its pathologies and the potential for re-learning

Thanks to the development of exchanges between medicine, biology and the chemistry, physics and IT sciences, the brain is starting to be understood in terms of its function, the origin of our intellectual faculties, our emotions and thus the resulting behaviours. The diseased brain is also starting to be understood, whether this is in terms of neurological or psychiatric illnesses.

What are the role and the current and expected contribution of chemists to knowledge of the brain, its degenerative and psychiatric pathologies, to its exploration and to neuropharmacology?
The best neuroscience specialists have agreed to provide information and debate with you on all these points..

The symposium is open to a wide audience. The level of interventions intends to be open to all in order to allow exchanges, in particular with college and high school students and their teachers.


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