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MeMoSim 2015 training course in Lyons

On 08/01/2015 in Training courses

Chemical system modelling is now an additional tool to experimental techniques.

The main objective of this training course is to show participants the bases for simulating and modelling chemical systems so that they can understand these better and include them in their research programmes. By way of conferences and round tables, participants will be able to get a better grasp the theoretical models, the specifics of the methods and their limits.

They will therefore be better equipped to use these methods, either in discussion with theoretician colleagues or to successfully complete their projects.

In return, participants can mention their research themes highlighting issues that are still little studied on a theoretical basis. This training course will be an exchange platform with theoreticians to encourage discussions leading to new modelling uses or to prompt the development of new tools.

To encourage discussions and make these easier, a posting session will be organised: each participant will be able to present a research theme in which he/she believes modelling or simulation could be used.

Registration method

Pre-registration is open! Closing date: 27 January 2015

For educational and practical reasons, the training session can only host 25 participants. Your request is therefore a pre-registration; a selection will be made in accordance with the requests and you will be informed mid-February.

Scientific committee and organisation

  • Xavier Assfeld, University of Lorraine
  • Anne Boutin, ENS Paris
  • Paul-Fleurat-Lessard, ENS Lyons
  • Céline Léonard, University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée
  • Benjamin Rotenberg, UPMC
  • François-Xavier Coudert, Chemistry-Paristech
  • Philippe Derreumaux, IBP

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