Our events


1st PSL Chemical Biology Symposium

We are pleased to announce that the Ecole Normale Supérieure and the Institut Curie (members of PSL Research University) will hold the first PSL Chemical Biology Symposium on Dec 8-9, 2016 in Paris. The meeting will bring together exceptional scientists interested in science encompassing both chemistry and biology to discuss and present the latest innovations and future trends in Chemical Biology..


Professional integration of Doctors of Chemistry

Are you a Chemistry recruiter, tutor or PHD candidate, or have you graduated with a thesis on this subject?Come free of charge to the Young Doctors of Chemistry integration morning on 23 April.


MeMoSim 2015 training course in Lyons

Chemical system modelling is now an additional tool to experimental techniques.The main objective of this training course is to show participants the bases for simulating and modelling chemical systems so that they can understand these better and include them in their research programmes. By way of conferences and round tables, participants will be able to get a better grasp the theoretical models, the specifics of the methods and their limits.


Colloque Chimie et expertise

Ce colloque complète le précédent qui s’est tenu au printemps 2014 sur le thème de la chimie au service de la sécurité des biens et des personnes. La sécurité en termes de prévention ou d’intervention des risques est aussi au centre des préoccupations de la population dans deux autres domaines particuliers, sanitaire et environnemental.