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Recruit a Doctor

Why recruit a Doctor of Chemistry for your company?

A Doctor of Chemistry will allow you to build innovative products and services with high added value that offer the company a real competitive edge.


For what tasks would you recruit a Doctor of Chemistry for your company?

  • Carry out Research and Development
  • Manage applied research
  • Industrialize a new process
  • Promote the ultra-technical offers to clients
  • Manage the legal aspects with the competent authorities
  • Coordinate the development of new areas of growth
  • Initiate and implement partnerships with research centres or institutes
  • And many other assignments!


Why is a Doctor of Chemistry the ideal profile for carrying out these types of assignment?

  • He/she is a professional in basic AND applied research
  • He/she has been trained to identify and resolve complex issues
  • Teamwork is his/her natural environment
  • He/she is well accustomed to handling the newest concepts


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