Our history


The Redox network was created in July 2009 in the form of a non-profit organisation, with head office at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.

The aim of Doctoral Schools is to accompany laboratories in managing their thesis subjects, in the recruitment, in the education and in the professional integration of young PhD-holders.

Aware of the essential role played by Doctoral Schools in the quality of education for Doctors of Chemistry, the project initiators noted a degree of isolation in their practice.

The idea also grew naturally from several pioneers who had the insight that creating a network would allow them to enrich their everyday practices with the experience of their peers: Redox was born!

Redox currently encompasses over 20 Doctoral schools across France. Under their responsibility, approximately 800 theses are successfully accepted every year.



Number of current PhD candidates with a thesis in chemistry


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Number of publications by PhD candidates and their educational team

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