Why join RedoX

  1. Joining Redox allows you to share best practices at doctoral school management level. It is also the opportunity to have access to a “Club” exchange platform with periodic meetings on current topics at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris.
  2. It means being a member of a recognised network, well established since 2009 and supported by the Maison de la Chimie International Foundation and the Chemical Industries Union.
    Membership of networks of this type forms part of a doctoral school’s assessment criteria.
  3. It means benefiting from the option to validate diplomas on the Jobs website for better identification of candidates looking for a career.
  4. It means actively participating in network actions while benefiting from promotional materials (flyers, posters, suggestions for modifications to the jobs database or website)
  5. It is also the option of easily finding external experts in order to form Juries for candidatures, for example by calling for propositions within the network.

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