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Competitivity centres

The national policy of competitivity centres was launched ten years ago to strengthen the competitive nature of companies, develop jobs on bearer markets and consolidate territories. The competitivity centres group together, for a given area, companies, research centres and training organisations, in order to develop synergies and cooperation, in particular through innovative cooperative projects.

They must fall in line with a national aim: the challenge is to allow the companies involved to take a vanguard position in their fields, both in France and abroad


The Carnot institutes

The Carnot mechanism comes under the Agreement for research, one objective of which is to encourage the transfer of technology partnership between public laboratories and companies and the development of innovation. It aims to acknowledge the capacity of research structures carrying out assignments in the general interest to work efficiently with socio-economic partners, in particular with companies.



The National centre for scientific research (CNRS) is a public research body (Public establishment of a scientific and technological nature, placed under the supervision of the Ministry for national education, higher education and research). It produces knowledge, and places this knowledge in the service of society.


The Association Chimie du Végétal

The Association Chimie du Végétal (ACDV: Plant Chemistry association) is a non-profit organisation that brings together economic players from the food processing industries, chemistry and their downstream customer industries, in order to speed up the development of chemistry based on the use of plant resources in France and Europe.


The National Research Agency (ANR)

The ANR funds research into projects. In a competitive selection mode that complies with international standards, it aims to encourage creativity, openness, emergence and partnerships. Since 2010, it has also been the main operator in Future Investments in the field of higher education and research. Within this framework, it ensures the selection, funding and monitoring of projects.


The chemical industry


Scientific societies



The international reference in informing, accompanying and employing doctors

ABG-Intelli’agence carries out an assignment of general interest that aims to encourage and support the development and expansion of the scientific culture by making easier the training, professional education and employment of young scientists in laboratories, public institutions and companies, in France and abroad.


ANDès-National Association of PhDs

ANDès is the French association of doctors. It brings together doctors of all disciplines, regardless of their age, professional standing or whether they reside in France or abroad.


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